Play (THX) sound when Home Assistant turns Home Cinema on?

Hi there,
I am struggling with the last step of my “turn home cinema on” script I made with Home Assistant. Maybe one of you guys have an idea here.
I want to play a THX/Dolby Atmos theme (mp3) when the script is triggered. Here I dont know how to approach this.

  • ATM the Vero is always on, so sth. like “play sound when Vero/Kodi is turning on” would possible with some further effort

  • Playing a local MP3 via OSMC would turn on the local player, but I want to have the movie screen when projector is turned on

  • The only Add-On in this direction I know is CinemaVision, but I didnt found a fitting feature on a first view into it. Maybe there a others that could solve this…?

  • Within Home Assistant I could call a Kodi JSONRPC method, but I have no clue what this is

  • Utilizing an external player via AVR would involve a Zone 2 configuration, but this also seems like a complicated workaround

I hope I missed a simpler solution here, in the end

You might find some kind of a workable solution with the Kodi Callbacks add-on. I’m not sure what this would consist of but it is quite flexible in what it allows you to do.

So here is what i would have done is to check the automation done in homeassistant mind posting the rule that you wrote ? from the yaml file ?

Until now:

  alias: Cinema Night
  - device_id: ab2810ef395a4c72b55a968cd59a3b36
domain: switch
entity_id: switch.backplug
type: turn_on
  - delay: 00:00:01
  - alias: 'Beamer On'
  command: PowerOn
  device: 65245933
  entity_id: remote.harmonyhub
service: remote.send_command
  - alias: 'AVR2 On'
  command: PowerOn
  device: 65261054
  entity_id: remote.harmonyhub
service: remote.send_command
 - alias: 'Source Vero4K'
  entity_id: media_player.pionner_avr
  source: dvd
service: media_player.select_source
 - alias: 'Red Light On' 
  brightness: 100
  entity_id: light.wohnzimmer
  - 255
  - 0
  - 0
  transition: 50
service: light.turn_on

After thinking about it playing a video teaser intro would also work out. Hitting all the right timings is not easy (e.g. the beamer needs x seconds to boot and the light transitions should fit) but I can do this afterwards.
In this case I would continue the script with a push of the home button via the harmony hub so I land again in the movie menu.

Edit: Formatting a bit broken but it works out in real.

Ha, I found a not perfect but working solution. :slight_smile:
I installed the Rapier UI and put a Atmos Trailer via Splash Screen into the startup sequence. Put one of the smart plugs between power and the Vero, and in HA I only added an power off/power at the beginning of the script. Will tune some timings and then post a short impression how it looks.

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Milestone reached. Wanted this since I was 16 =D

More in the Comments

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Would still be developing addons for HA but its too unstable imho moved on to Openhab instead but my untappd addon is still available for HA along with my rpi power addon