Playback being "backgrounded"

Finally trying out the new update now that my NFS is working.
I have noticed a weird behavior where after playing a video (first one seems to work fine), when you select another from “files” osmc displays the playback icon and you can hear audio but the media player stays on the navigation screen.
You have to quit back to the main screen (I use the SIOS skin) where the “fullscreen” icon has now appeared. If you select this you can see what is being played.
With testing I have also had a frozen still with audio from time to time.

Has anyone noticed this and any ideas?

Logs. Also, do all skins behave the same?

Can’t reproduce it on the OSMC skin but easily reproduced on SiOS.
Stupid question, whats the log process?

You should take a moment to read the Necessary Info sticky at the top of this forum.

ah. ok. logs uploaded to:

incidentally SiOS doesn’t play nicely with myOSMC logger either - had to switch skins.


I can confirm the problem in Amber skin as well.

Sounds like you need to talk to the skin maintainer on the Kodi forum, give them the log link as well

if multiple skins are affected is that the best place to address it or is there something underlying that broke or changed?

The issue is likely a secondary add-on that both these skins depend on.

I manually loaded a work in progress version of SiOS which also updated a number of addons.
It’s pretty but still broken.
Will go create a login on that forum or just use the somewhat less sexy native UI.

Any updates on this. Have the same issue. Also happens on anen nox skin. But i love the sio2 skin. But have to use anothet to not have to keep going back to home screen to then press fullscreen. :frowning:

Post a debug log when it happens.