Playback by folder via UPnP?

Hello guys,

i use the OSMC on my Pi3 as an UPnP Music Streamer for my Playstation and AVR system.
Generally the music playback is working but the options to select the music are a little strange.

When I select an album by artist, the list of artists is sorted in a strange way and I don’t know why. its not from a to z (asc or desc) its something random. The tags of my mp3 files are correctly written into the files (as seen on pc diretcly on the files)…

So i miss a function to playback an entire folder via the upnp function.
I know there is a way through the file manager do playback files - but this way is not working for playback via upnp…

is there a way to add some options to the upnp playback settings? (maybe an addon or config some files,…)

thanks for help