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I am new with Kodi and OSMC as well. I’ve just got my new Pi2 and installed OSMC on it. For the first time, I can play some movies but after that I got error “Playback failed - One or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details”.I don’t know where to find the log to upload here. I know I need to buy the mpeg2 and vc1 codecs but I can see the movies for the first few times. Please help.

Bit more info please, along with a debug log and media info.

Thanks for your reply CaNsA. That’s gone when I upgraded to RC but I have another issue with my Edimax wifi dongle. In My OSMC shows “Connected” but in System Info > Network shows Busy then Not Connected :frowning:

But does your Wifi connection actually work ?

The network status page in system info->network in Kodi is crude in the way it tests for the connection and can sometimes falsely report no internet.

The status reported in Network in OSMC settings is much more reliable in this regard. If it says Connected then you will be.

Yes the Wifi works perfectly. I can’t play any movies. When I click on the movie,at the bottom right it’s spinning ‘working’ for about 2 minutes and report Genesis script failed for example. Tried with another addons like Phoenix and got the same issue. I did fresh reinstall twice but have no luck.

No support for Genesis, Pheonix, or any other addon/repo designed for bypassing copyright will be provided here.

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I thought the issue was gone when I upgraded to RC but I was wrong. The playback failed again. Here is the URL where I uploaded to logs:
Thank you.

What are you using for DNS?

My wifi is using Google DNS server