Playback issue after 20240424 upgrade

I have been using OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3 for quite a while, but I’ve got some playback problems since I recently upgraded from 20201019 to 20240424.

Some files still play nicely, but some that used to work do not anymore.

Sound seems OK, but the image is broken, hard to describe :slight_smile:

I have uploaded some logs here:
mediainfo is here:

Are there known regressions in this area?


HEVC is no longer supported on Pi 3 after MMAL was deprecated by Raspberry Pi, so this is expected.

OK thanks for the clarification. With this information, I looked a bit more, and IIUC this happened with Kodi v19. Which is the last OSMC version fir Kodi 18.x, and where can I download it? (on Download - OSMC I can only see the last most recent versions)

Thanks for the quick answer!

Other related question, it there the same problem on Raspberry Pi 4?

Nope. HEVC is hardware accelerated on the RPi 4 (fully, not partial like it was on the earlier Pi’s).

Great, thanks!