Playback issues(buffering)

I’m a new here but I used to do Q&A using email with Sam.

Recently, I have many media files that make Vero 4k buffering.

I use an external HDD(SATA) and it gives 50mb/s usually. So I don’t think I/O makes it buffering.

In addition, when I check the memory, it’s only using below 40%.

I really wonder what’s the problem.

Have you tried playing back from the eMMC as a test?

I didn’t try but today I realized something.

Sometimes my external hard has sound like ticking and when there is the sound, media in exHDD is stuck when I try to play.

But this happen doesn’t show everytime. Sometimes it works fine. Plus, there’s no badblock in exHDD.

Do you have any expected issues about it?

Thanks always.

That could indicate that it doesn’t get enough power

I ordered Y cable just now. Thanks.

Oh one more question.
After I get Y cable, can I put data and power lines both into vero? Or should I put power line into wall outlet?

I would suggest to use a powered hub instead of a Y Cable.

If the drive did not come with a Y cable then I doubt that is the issue. Those types of cables are designed for when a drive uses more than the specs for a single plug (ie if USB2.0 it would be over 500ma). Normally a lack of power would keep these drives from spinning up in the first place as that is when max power draw happens. If the power drops later the drives would normally just power off, and not start clicking.

Most likely your drive is on the way out. Generic drive tests will NOT normally report bad sectors anymore as most modern spinning disks take care of that job internally and do not report it back to the OS. It is rather a long topic but the cliff notes are that modern drives expect to have a certain amount of errors so they keep track of the integrity of the data as its being read and when it sees an issue it tries to move the information to a good section of the drive. When this gets kicked off the drive can seem to hang which can make a video stutter. The clicking is the drive repeatedly trying to get information off of a hard to read spot.

If this issue is happening more than very infrequently you most likely have a drive on its way out. I would go to the drive manufacturer’s web site and look for a drive testing tool there as they can usually get you better insight than generic tools with these modern drives.

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