Playback keeps stopping over network

I’ve just changed my router for a asus mesh system with a main and 2 nodes. I have also put a hard drive onto the main node as a sort of nas system instead of sharing the files between the 2 vero+'s. I added a source into the file location in file manager. Now when I try to play a file it plays for about 1 or 2 seconds and then stops. It’s not a vero problem in that if I transfer the file to a local disc it plays ok. is there anything I have to do to the vero’s to get them to play over the network?
If it helps here are the log files.

I assume your Vero’s are connected to the network via WIFI? If that is the case ensure that you have different SSID’s for the 2.4 and 5Ghz network and ensure a good signal at the location of the Vero.

You should check the underlying network bandwidth with iperf.

Maybe something changed in the network, we suggest to check your network with iperf3. Please read this howto

Just saw in your logs that you use ethernet, so I think iperf test makes sense to check your Mesh is not the issue

I’m sort of connected by wireless. The vero’s are connected to their respective nodes by ethernet, the nodes are connected together by wireless. Yes the 2.4 and 5 ghz have separate ssid’s and the communication between them is on a separate 5ghz backhaul band. All nodes report good wifi connection.
Will check iperf3 now.

here’s the iperf3 results

Reverse mode, remote host is sending
[ 5] local port 44075 connected to port 5201
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate
[ 5] 0.00-1.00 sec 9.25 MBytes 77.6 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 1.00-2.00 sec 11.3 MBytes 94.8 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 2.00-3.00 sec 9.54 MBytes 80.0 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 3.00-4.00 sec 6.26 MBytes 52.5 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 4.00-5.00 sec 5.24 MBytes 44.0 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 5.00-6.00 sec 3.52 MBytes 29.5 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 6.00-7.00 sec 2.42 MBytes 20.3 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 7.00-8.00 sec 2.73 MBytes 22.9 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 8.00-9.00 sec 3.26 MBytes 27.4 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 9.00-10.00 sec 2.60 MBytes 21.8 Mbits/sec

[ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr
[ 5] 0.00-10.01 sec 56.7 MBytes 47.5 Mbits/sec 14 sender
[ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 56.1 MBytes 47.1 Mbits/sec receiver

Depending of the bandwidth of the movies you are trying to play this will not work.
Seems you need to improve the mesh backhaul

the file I did try was a 500mb file, so not very large. Also just tried a 5.5gb movie and that played ok. Strange… Is there a better way to share media between the two vero’s?

That is odd

If you connect the HDD to one of the Vero’s and share from there it may work better

I did try that a while ago (pre mesh) but it kept sleeping and wouldn’t reconnect. Will try again. I have a skin that uses a slideshow as a background. If I put that on the hdd maybe that will keep it awake.

You could use autofs to mount it on the other Vero that should over come that issue

Thanks will try that.

Would it be better to use nfs or smb? also I’m a bit confused as to server and shares. I assume server 1 is vero 1 (Which will have the hdd connected to it ) and server 2 is vero 2. But share 1 and share 2 are what?

NFS would be more performant while SMB would work without your need to install anything

Server 1/2 are just possible examples if you have multiple servers. If you just have the disk connected to one Vero you only have Server 1 and/or can ignore that subset at all.

Share 1/2/… are again examples if you have more than one share/disk on the server