Playback of file while program is being recorded stops early

I have a raspberry Pi4 recording satellite TV and a raspberry Pi3 attached to my TV. If a programme that I am recording has started and has been going for say 10 minutes and I then start watching the file after the 10 minutes the playback stops and it thinks it has finished.
Is anyone else having this problem.
Also in the past when recording a programme in Kodi it would have a red dot on the channel and if I clicked the channel it would offer to start from the beginning or go to the live output. This doesn’t seem to happen anymore.
I am using TVHeadend for doing the recording

I know from previous testing that if you are playing back from the library, Kodi checks the duration only at the start so if you are still appending to the file it will stop at the duration first detected. So what you are seeing would be expected behaviour.

However, I presume you are using the tvheadend PVR client? I don’t know if that behaves differently.

I’ve been using OSMC for several years, and appreciate the availability of this awesome app!

I have almost the same problem, but I’m using a RPI3, the record duration is less than 10 minutes, and the recording indicator and playback prompt work as expected.

@djbloc for me, this is a new behavior that started late in 2021. I don’t know about the technical process you described, and I assume it is correct. But, my experience is that I’ve been using this OSMC/TVheadend setup for, iirc, at least 5 years or more without seeing this behavior in OSMC/TVheadend. I will appreciate any information to help me understand better if I am missing something in your explanation.

@withakw did you find an answer to the problem, or does anyone else know about how to fix it?

FYI, I’m also posting my question at, and if I find a solution there I will cross-post it here.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and respond to this question!

@daddmac I am afraid I did not get this resolved. As you said it seemed to start last year and even the PC version of kodi is showing this symptom.

Thank you for following up with me. I’m still testing to isolate the problem

This awesome application is used by the whole family and it is a challenge to have the time to experiment without interrupting their use of it. Sweet and sour!

I think it is all part of the Version 19 rewrite and may take a bug report to get fixed

Following up…

Digging deeper, I found that my mpg decoder was not enabled, and my license was missing from the Pi config file. I found my backup file, and verified that the hardware decoder had been enabled previously. Maybe i choose and incorrect option when upgrading, but the recording now works as designed and expected.

On the other hand, for a different post, the primary station (I live in the USA, and I use FTA) does not seem to be processed by the decoder. Like said, I’ll post in a new thread.

Thanks for all the responses and time spent on my question.

With Kodi v19, HW decoding of MPEG2 is no longer supported on Raspberry Pi.

See Kodi v19 Matrix is here. Here's what you need to know - OSMC.

Thanks Sam!

Your personal response to my question is further evidence of the quality of OSMC!

Keep on rockin’!

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