Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


Use MakeMKV - excellent support for 3D MVC. And buy a license if you don’t have one :slight_smile: Mike (author) has done an amazing job. You can now rip pretty much any UHD you want, and if not, send him the dump file MakeMKV produces and he’ll add the support.

@sam_nazarko - excellent news!!! I’ve been spending more time with this little box and am quite happy with it.


thanks for the tip, used makemkv before for bluray playback on linux (as it provides good emulation for the opensource bluray libraries for native playback). Guess its time to spend some money on it.


Another 3D tip… it’s possible to recode 3D MVC files to save space using FRIMEncode/FRIMDecode. These tools depend on the Intel media SDK so they only work on Windows unfortunately; afaik this is the only practical way to produce your own transcoded MVC files from 3D sources. Every other recompression technique I’ve tried involves creating SBS or TAB files which in my experience usually result in noticeable digital artifacts during fast motion in 3D, and also has the downside of the SBS/TAB files being unusable for 2D only mode whereas MVC works for either.

I made a script to help automate the process of extracting elementary streams & recompressing, of course it only works on windows. I’ve found this useful for keeping 3D stuff a manageable size while retaining high quality.


Just bought a Vera4K and installed it in my living room, replacing the Pi3. I love the box, easy to maintain like the Pi and it simply works. I don’t watch 3D in the living room, but I will buy another one for my home cinema room where I need 3D. Hope you get this working and if you need more testers don’t hesitate to contact me.

Note that you also need to check the subtitles when playing 3D frame packed video, they need to be in a higher 3D plane to be watchable. The Pi does this correctly.


It has been a while since I have seen an update about this subject. It is on it’s way, that’s what I know :slight_smile:

Is it possible to give us a bit more information?
With all 4K content available currently, attention is moving to make this work brilliantly. I hope 3D MVC support is still part of the roadmap?

Love the Vero 4K by the way!



It’s still part of the roadmap


“still on the roadmap” sounds like quite a big step back from “There will be a test thread shortly” on January 21 and even “not far off” on June 21 of last year.

I’m not trying to be pedantic, but it’s been 9 months since this was being promised as “not far off” and we seem to bounce around from “almost there” to “still on the roadmap” which feels like about one step above “we’re not doing it.”

I love my Vero 4K, and it’s become my daily driver. I don’t regret the purchase whatever happens. But the promise of 3D support was really the reason I bought it. At this point, it feels like we’re being strung along.

Can you please provide an honest assessment of what the status is, and when, realistically, it might be ready to test? Has any work been done, and is it currently being worked on? The messages we’ve gotten since this thread began last May have been extremely inconsistent. If the answer is simply - I don’t know, maybe never, then please say that so we can move on and stop having false hopes about when or if this might be coming.


The latest problem currently is that Kodi v18 no longer uses ppmgr and prefers to do 3D scaling in software for AMLogic hardware.

So at this point, it could be added, but then would end up being removed three months down the line, which isn’t ideal.



I believe we are on Kodi 17 at the moment. (I’m quite new to Vero)

So do you mean it could be implemented now in Kodi 17 but then when Kodi 18 comes out it will disable it?

Is there then a Kodi 18 way of doing it permantly?

Could it be enabled on Kodi 17 and then for people that are happy the way it is not upgrade and keep the 3D forever?

Thank you.


To be honest all I’m expecting of Vero is perfect playback of all the media I’m throwing at it. Be it 1080p, 4K HDR or 3D. All of this seems to be achievable with Kodi 17, 4K is just a banding issue fix away and 3D seems to be nearly there. I don’t have a need for Netflix or the other Kodi 18 improvements and I’d happily stay on Kodi 17 if there would finally be a device which does all that stuff.


In short: yes.


I think you would make a lot of people happy if you could introduce 3D MVC support into Kodi 17, or at least me :-).

Hopefully you can find a solution for Kodi 18 also. Do I understand you alright it will only use software decoding if upscaled to 4K? To be honest I always use the original resolution of the movie on the Vero 4K and don’t use upscaling. So in that case it will use HW decoding also for 3D MVC in Kodi 18?


Count me in as well. I have been patiently waiting for nine months, since buying the Vero 4K, for this type of 3D support. Please make it happen for Kodi 17, then we can update to Kodi 18 if it gets supported by that version.

Not to do it will most likely mean us 3D hopefuls, will have to wait for so long for this type of 3D support in Kodi 18. Maybe forever, if it does not get support.

There most likely will be many end users who would enjoy it to be done, that have not read this forum.


Why would anyone that has not read the Forum assume that the Vero4K is capable of playing 3D MVC?


Because the test from the guys at AVForums stated that 3D MVC support was the only key feature still missing and that it will be implemented some time soon…


Six months ago, I had read here, down the page under the heading “Video & Audio Performance”, that the 3D was being “worked on”.

As that forum is, in my opinion, widely read, that is the reason I said what I said.


Fair enough


. I don’t have a need for Netflix or the other Kodi 18 improvements and I’d happily stay on Kodi 17 if there would finally be a device which does all that stuff.

Personally, I’m with you, but I realize from a practical standpoint most users won’t feel that way. I don’t care at all about Netflix. My nearly 5 year old Gen 1 Fire TV still plays it perfectly. It seems sad to lose unique features so we can support bland features that every TV and mass-marketed consumer box made in the last 5+ years already has. It seems unlikely that “lack of netflix” is the thing that would make someone choose a Fire TV/Roku/whatever over a Kodi box; I doubt they’d be looking at Vero/Kodi in the first place if they just cared about paid streaming services that have apps on every other device known to man.


Most users won’t feel that way but most also don’t need 3D to be implemented. Even if it gets lost in the Kodi 18 upgrade they wouldn’t notice and we would be happy to keep the Vero 4K on Kodi 17.


Forgive me but… “More or less” can not logically confirm a “promise” by definition. I know that Sam has pledged to expend effort in attempting to bring the feature to the Vero4k, but unless I’ve missed a relevant post by him, I don’t think I would consider this pledge a promise if the feature is ultimately unable to be realized despite best efforts. Starting such a rumor is frowned upon on these forums.