Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


Is it possible to play 3D ISO with the native Kodi Player on the Vero 4k?




Yes, but:

  • BD menus will not work, so you need to select the M2TS files individually.
  • Output will be as SBS, but support for frame-packed output is in the works.

Thanks for reply! I have a Himedia Q10 Pro, but i´m tired about the wrapper using and new problems in every new firmware so i´m searching for an alternative - test the shield 2017 last week, but problems with framerateswitching in combination hdmi 2.0 A/V Receiver and hdmi 1.4 tv and dolby atmos doesn´t work properly with my marantz A/V Receiver so i´m sending the shield back to the seller - i´m reading in a facebook group about the vero 4k and will give the box a chance, ordered one this morning - frame-packed 3d is very important for me so i´m hope this will come in the near future and the native kodi player on the vero 4k is good enough to change my equipment with this box…

sorry for my bad english, i´m from germany!

Kind Regards!

Any date for finish support for frame-packed output?

Not yet – but it’s on the list.

Hi Sam!

The vero is here, first look is great and i will do some tests over the weekened… one problem is, when i start a 3d iso the vero played the movie in 2d - test all kodi settings in system and playback but no success…


Hi – the 3D Frame Packed output isn’t ready at this time, but it’s being worked on.


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Ah, ok - i missunderstood previous post… thanks!

Will it also play 3D frame-packed in mkv container (e.g. not iso), and can you be more specific about “output will be as SBS” for frame packed 3D? Will this be 4K SBS = full HD 3D? That is - playing full-def SBS files works fine on my 4K TV, so to the extent that this conversion doesn’t cost anything in terms of resolution, I could live with it until you finish MVC support. I don’t care about menus.

I’m looking for something to replace a Zidoo X8 which does one thing extremely well: play 3D MVC. But it has problems with almost everything else, e.g. audio, playing live TV, playing 2D 1080p 24 fps, stability… I’d rather have a box that did everything well and not be switching back and forth all the time. Vero 4K seems otherwise awesome, but 3D support is the most important thing for me (since it’s so infrequently supported by media players!)

Hi Jamie

The container of the 3D content doesn’t matter, so M2TS; MKV; ISO will work.

Currently, packed 3D will be output as Side By Side (not Top Bottom) at 1080p.

The 3D MVC support is getting there. The kernel update is ready to output MVC 3D content. But if 3D support is the most important thing, then I don’t recommend the device to you right now. You can always buy it at a later date (not far off – month?) when we have fully automated Frame Packed 3D output.



Thanks for the quick response! Well - if you are promising true frame-packed MVC support I’m inclined to pull the trigger and take advantage of the sale. I don’t mind waiting a month (or whatever) for full support, as long as it is officially on your roadmap and happens eventually.

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Got my Vero 4K yesterday. Love it, I can’t believe I held out so long! It’s so much better than the android devices. Love the remote. Everything is silky smooth, and of course fundamentally annoying things like not being able to run a samba server on nonrooted android device are a non-issue. I can finally just edit config files directly on the device, easily back up/restore from central system, etc.

Two observations during my initial setup.

1 - I tried to play a 3D MVC file for the heck of it (though I don’t really plan to use it for 3D until you finish MVC support) and it didn’t seem to work, it just shows in 2D. Just thought I’d mention it since it seems like it should be supported, but again not a big deal for me

2 - I had a couple hard lockups during setup. One while adding or removing PVR-related add-ins (TVHeadend and HDHomerun PVR). Another one happened during config of PlexKodiConnect once. I got everything working and it seems stable now, though I had to unplug it a couple times to restart after these lockups. If you want me to send logs I’d be happy to.

Other than those minor glitches not a single complaint. I threw some stuff at it like h265/10 bit, worked beuatifully, for the first time ever for me on any device.

That’s expected for now. The experimental improvements (HDR, 10-bit etc) have support for FP output, but autoswitching isn’t quite ready yet. Don’t worry – it’s being worked on.

Let me know if you experience any stability issues again.

I’m glad you like the device.


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Are there any news on this? Just tried playing back a 3D Blu-ray iso today and it just played as 2D. Is the basic playback working yet and do I just have to force it in some way?

Or is it simply not working yet?


It’s still being worked on.
There will be an update on this soon.

Now that we have automatic switching and the post processing manager for 3D working (meaning no SW scaling); we are making good progress.


Having a MVC MKV file (two video streams) would work though, if using the correct file naming (.3D.SBS.)? Or is that not supported?

MVC != 3D SBS.

3D SBS is currently working as expected.

I expect to add support for frame packed output; as well as outputting MVC as 3D SBS for incompatible displays – assuming all goes to plan :wink:


Ok, so MVC packed into MKV won’t work either… Thanks, Sam. Looking forward to this being released soon then! :thumbsup:

MVC packed in to an MKV container will play as 2D at this time.