Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)

But Full SBS is supported?

SBS is half resolution. I think Full SBS is a misnomer for MVC which is 2D + a delta. That’s what we are aiming for.

Well, e.g. this tool can convert a 3D Blu-ray into a F-SBS MKV that is not MVC:

I guess, this would be a file with a resolution of 3840x1080 pixels… That’s what I was referring to. Can the Vero 4k playback this format and pass it to a 3D TV?

It won’t work. It’s not a very common format. If you own the Blu-ray, then 3D MVC ISO is a better option.

Might the MVC (frame-packed) 3D playback make it into the next update or is the release close, but not in the immediate future?

When it’s ready, I will start a post with some information on how to test the improvements.

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I have encoded in full SBS and played them with my Zidoo X8 (imperfectly, decoder sometimes can’t keep up) but it’s not a legitimate format, and nothing will likely play it very well. I wouldn’t want OSMC devs wasting any time on it :wink:

I didn’t mean it as a request… Just asking whether it works or not. :wink:

Can you send me a sample via PM?
Worth looking in to it.

I’ll charge up my glasses…

Sure- but honestly I’m far more interested in MVC which is much more useful since it will also play in 2D from the same file. I can’t think of a reason to use full SBS. I had experimented with it because BD3D2MKV doesn’t support encoding to MVC but once I figured out FRIMencoder, it seemed pointless…

If @sam_nazarko’s interested, why stop devs from having a look? :see_no_evil::joy:

There’s also full TAB which I imagined would make more sense to encoders since it just adds scan lines, though it didn’t work on my Zidoo

Even playing a normal SBS 3D MKV doesn’t work here… The 3D option menu opens up, I choose side-by-side and then the 1080p side-by-side picture is played without sending a 3D flag to the TV: the playback is happing in 2D with the squeezed two half-images. :scream:

You should be able to just push the 3D button on your TV remote… I think if you use the naming convention it will automatically switch though.

It did switch the Vero to 3D, but my TV would normally automatically switch to 3D getting a 3D signal. Now, the TV only offers me 3D conversion :joy:
Don’t know what’s going on here…

Make sure you are on staging repo.
Working on Optoma here.


Ok, the SBS MKV seemed to be corrupted. Tried a different one which also triggered the 3D option menu on the Vero 4k, but this time I could switch to real 3D playback on my TV.

Still the autoswitching on my TV is not triggered automatically like it would be triggered by a 3D Blu-ray when played back with my Blu-ray player… Does this auto switching usually only work with frame packed 3D or does the Vero 4k not send a trigger to the TV that is usually sent by my Blu-ray player?

Are you on the staging repository?

So, for now, no auto switching is working here, neither on staging nor on main repo. But not a big issue for me at all as I’m not playing 3D files very often. If it would work some day, it’d be awesome though! :thumbsup:

Frame packed 3D would be more important to me as half SBS and half TAB are both kind of useless formats (they both halve the resolution my active shutter TV can show in 3D mode). So, I’m looking forward to MVC in the first place :slight_smile:

there is something I do not understand
a raspberry pi with osmc can open and read a framepacked mkv 3d but not the vero 4k running the same OS?

is it kodi that supports the mkv 3d? or the chipset/ cpu?

note on raspberry pi…the name does not really matter… my mkv 3d does not have mvc.3d on the name and when I open it asks me which format… if i do not want to wear glasses i choose 2d. if not 3d…