Playback problems with VC1 Codec since last update


Today i recorgnized that AVC/VC-1 Codec files again make problems.

My Vero 4K is running OSMC 2017.08-1 and told me there are no new updates.

We already had this at the beginning of Vero 4K but now it seems to be again.

Here is the log from one affected file:


Are you playing the exact same files that you played on an older version?

Which version do they play OK on?


As i don’t always check the codec a file has, i can’t tell for sure when i last watched a AVC/VC-1 Codec file but i think before the update it worked properly.

The Files are ripped from my original discs so they didn’t changed in any way.


AVC and VC1 are two different codecs.

AVC is H264. Are you saying that you are unable to play any H264 content?


No, h264 works fine.

VC-1 is the problematic codec. Sry i thought they where the same.

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Could this be of help?: Videos with VC-1 Codec doesn´t play properly - #39 by sam_nazarko

It’s just one thread below this one under the Vero 4k category at this very moment :see_no_evil:

there were a view new updates or fixes in the last days but this problem persists. Any improvements on this problem in the updates?

Try it.

I already tried it, no improvements. Massive lags, audio is extremely async and the frames of the stream is going down 7 -22fps

this seems to be the reason for the lags and async audio.

CPU is very low, 8-15% and the RAM usage is about 43% but the system is running 24/7 so it is a normal RAM usage


I turned off hardwaredecoder (amcodec) and it can keep the frames up, still unwatchable but better. So if you can improve the amcodec again with VC1 as it was once before this would be great. As we said last time this problem was software decoder is to weak for VC1.

When you say that you are ripping your own discs do you mean you just rip them of the disc to your hard drive and create a 1:1 copy or do you actually encode the content on the disc ? If you are actually encoding yourself then you should switch to h264( x246) from VC1. If the discs you are ripping are VC1 you must be ripping some pretty old discs because VC1 is obsolete in 2017 and there weren’t any commercial releases using this old codec in a long time.

You are aware that blueray disks are using VC1?

I am ripping them 1:1 without encoding them.

There are a view new movies also using this codec but movies i testet are a bit older. The most Harry Potter movies are using VC-1, Twilight was using this codec etc. so they are a bit older but i always check the codec when my niece tells me the video doesn’t run smooth.

Only the early ones… Many of the very popular movies that were put on Blu-ray as soon as the standard came out have been since then re-released using AVC

ok, but why is such an old codec that problematic to play smooth? Is this codec that performance intense? with my vero4k these movies run smooth but someday after an update they doesn’t run smooth but i can’t check every movie after every update.

Oh I understand im sorry well I feel your pain specially since you are ripping your own collection. I would not know why VC-1 is more intense on the hardware then AVC. My guess would be its older and has seen no optimization for a long time now

Are you saying they worked better with an older version of OSMC?
If so, knowing which version would be useful.

VC1 can be decoded by the VPU.
The problem is feeding timing in to amports.

AML needs PTS for synchronisation. The bitparser in Kodi v18 will help with this.

Thanks for the technical explanation Sam ! Its a bit too much for me to understand but I’m sure other people will understand :wink: I’m also happy that we will see improvements with kodi v18

yes the run perfect but i can’t say on which version because i can’t test all codecs after an update.

But it was definitely before the september update

Tried any OSMC version and with no one VC1 Videos will play properly! When i understand @sam_nazarko right then this is a big Kodi 17 issue and there is a chance to fix it with Kodi 18…