Playback problems


I’m having issues with playback on my Vero 4k of certain TV shows, but not others. The ones that have problems will start playing, but only show a frame or two before pausing. The audio continues. Sometimes I get a buffering progress bar at the top right. If I pause and then resume, the video jumps to where the audio is and then pauses there.

This happens every time with the same episode, and if I try one of the other episodes of the show, the same thing happens. With other shows, there is no problem. I’ve got an external USB drive attached to the system, and HDMI connected to my receiver and projector.

Here is the mediainfo report for one of these shows:
Here is my logs from my device:

Thank you!

Heh, it’s always John Oliver rips that cause problems.

I’ll see what can be done.
That show has plagued us since 2016.


Thanks! I wonder if its a certain type of encoding that the current version of the library doesn’t support?