Playback stopping after a couple seconds

Hi guys,

I have an issue that since a recent update, when first selecting a file to play, an error pops up about the file no longer being available. Then when I attempt to start playing the same file it works, but video playback is stopped after a couple of seconds. What could be the cause of this?

I have uploaded debug logging here:

It is quite likely the issue is in the build I am running, as I have run pre-release versions in the past, but I thought that since the 2022.9 release, I was again on the stable branch.


This is just a shot in the dark but I would try manually setting the SMB version in your autofs configuration.

While I don’t think this is the reason for your issue you are still on the development branch. You need to remove deb bullseye-devel main from your /etc/apt/sources.list

Also I suggest you disable your wireless connection if you use the Ethernet connection.

I believe I have this set up already by having “vers=3.0” in the autofs config for the share though…

I have removed the line, but I doubt this will downgrade me automatically. What is the best way go about that in this situation?


So what is autofs troubleshooting giving you?

The problem does not seem to be the share itself, this works.

It’s just that Kodi, for reasons I am trying to figure out, is first thinking the file is not actually there (by giving an error), and when opening the same entry will actually play the file up to about 5-10 seconds after which playback is stopped and back to the home-screen.

Kind of gravedigging my own thread here. I took the time to reinstall OSMC from scratch on my Vero4k+, but I am experiencing the same problem. The share, when simply browsing it in the terminal works fine, so I am not sure how to go about troubleshooting the issue… If anyone could give me some pointers, that’d be great as I am currently not really able to use the box due to failed playback.

You would need to provide fresh logs as the old ones are no longer available as well as you being on a new install. It might also be helpful to share what your network location is (NAS, Windows PC, etc.) and if you have issues only with system level mounts or with Kodi file paths as well. I don’t think there currently exists enough clues in this thread to give anybody any insight into what may be the issue.