Playback stuttering with 1080p HEVC file

I’ve just tried HEVC for the first time on my Vero 2 and I’m noticing the playback is quite stuttery.

Here’s a paste of the MediaInfo for the file in question:

I’ve never had any problems with x264 content in 1080p on the device.

Should this be expected? Is there anything that I can do to improve the quality of playback?

Thanks for MediaInfo. The file is 8-bit so we should be able to get it to play.

Can you send me a small sample that replicates the problem?

Thanks - I will sort that out tomorrow for you.

I think that this was a false alarm unrelated to the hardware. I was just about to trim a segment of the file and noticed on my (fairly powerful) PC that I was seeing the same issue on there too.

I then encoded a HEVC file personally from a blu-ray source and that plays flawlessly, so I think we can put this down to a poor quality encode. I’m expecting to see a PROPER surface soon.

Thanks for jumping on this so quickly, though.

So 10bit files are problematic?
Just tried one and have a magenta/blocky overlay

fixable or a hardware limitation?

10-bit is not accelerated in HW at this time. You could try playing it in software but this will likely not be successful