Playing 192khz files using Tidal2 add-on

I can play 192khz music files (or 88khz) from the hard drive with no problem on my Vero 4k+, my receiver correctly detects and plays the file… sounds great.

I just got Tidal music steaming service because they have high sample rate music, but it doesn’t go higher than 48khz when I play the files that are supposed to be 192khz.

The search of this forum came back with some old posts than included mention of another addon or app named Roon.

Is there been any change as far as needing to use Roon? Is there some setting I can change on the Vero 4k+ to make this work?


Have you checked that you are actually getting 192Khz files?

Are you sure tidal supports hi-res playback with the addon? As far as I know hi-res is only supported on android and iOS and windows ( but only if you install their windows app. If you use a browser it will only play normal and hi-fi but not the master ( high resolution ) files

I am not sure, I searched (on Tidal) for 192khz and songs have that in the title. Also, the files that are supposed to be high sample rate are marked “M” for master.

Would it show it in the codec info, I think it’s the “O” button on the keyboard?

Looking at at master · arnesongit/ · GitHub

It doesn’t say anywhere that master tracks aren’t supported.Have you checked the settings to see if master playback is enabled? I know I had to enable it on my iOS device

I adjusted the addon settings for the highest quality, I will double check when I get home.

Let me be clear, everything sounds great, I was just wondering if there is something I’m doing (or not doing) that is keeping me from getting the higher sample rate.

I think this is an addon issue.

I am going to post in the Tidal2 addon thread in the KODI forum and will let you know if we can get this to work.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. No human can reliably hear the difference between good old redbook CD quality 16 bit / 44.1 kHz and ‘Hires’ audio formats in double blind trials. And Tidal’s MQA ‘Master Quality Audio’ isn’t even really lossless. Only the first 16 bits are lossless (i.e. same as CD) whereas the ‘secret sauce’ is folded in some proprietary compressed format in the last 8 bits. MQA is basically an ill disguised ploy to sneak a new form of DRM in the back door so to speak. Can be safely ignored and preferably actively boycotted.


thanks for the info

Just for your info , MQA works with Kodi with the Tidal 2 Add On on a Windows Machine . The issue with MQA is that there is no Linux support on any implementation.

That explains it, thanks