Playing a video file form remote control key

Hi, I’m using OSMC with Kodi 15.1 and already set up my infrared receiver fo doing some jobs,but… I neet to set up a key fo example - “1”, to play a certain video file fom my Movie folder. I found a xbmc script and put it in in /userdata. But now i can’t find a way to asign this script to run when i push key “1”.
I need some help for this…

In the Kodi repo there is a remote control editor.

Remove your script and use the editor to assign that video file to a key on the remote.

Thank you CaNsA. I’ve try keymap editor, but there is not an option(or i can’find it) for assign a key to play an expact video file. I can manage do my job with key editor, but not 100% at the point. I need to run “X.avi” with key “1” and “Y.avi” with key “2”