Playing an audio CD from an external USB CD/DVD-drive


I have plugged an external USB CD/DVD drive to my OSMC Pi3 hoping to get it listed in the menu after inserting a disc - but nothing happened.
So I searched and found the advice to add this setting to the advancedsettings.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <advancedsettings> <handlemounting>1</handlemounting> </advancedsettings>

But unfortunately it doesn’t help, even after rebooting the cd/drive does not show up.
Anything else I could try?


Is the drive external powered?
You can check the logs if it is detected at all on the system

I just ran a quick check. Plugged in a usb-dvd writer via a powered hub to my Pi3B and inserted an audio CD - no reaction. Installed usbutils and ran lsusb - writer is recognised. Removed the audio Cd and inserted a video DVD - recognised, and shown up on-screen as mounted, and can see to play it under Video.

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I plugged a “HP USB external DVDRW Drive” to Vero4k and put in the next audio CD on my desk … and it works like a charm:

What’s different to your environment:

  • it’s a Vero4k (with an external! powered hub)
  • I’m on actual development staging (but not 4.9 kernel)
  • ?

Plugged the drive to a Pi3 with OSMC staging but mediacenter matrix … here “Play Disc” main menu icon only occurs if you restart the mediacenter by power->exit.

So, give the power->exit a try or even reboot with the connected drive and inserted audio CD.

That did the trick for me - thanks! At least it works if I plug in the DVD-drive before booting, hot plugging doesn’t seem to work but I’ll give it another try after my daughter has finished her audiobook :slight_smile:

I can confirm that for me, also on an RPi3, discs[1] sometimes don’t show up, but after a reboot it works – even if they are not connected during boot. It’s not a big issue, but if you find out more I’d be interested to hear here.

[1] (mainly video DVDs, don’t remember whether I’ve tried audio CDs)