Playing audio from command line with omxplayer / mplayer

Hi. Can I play mp3 from command line some way? Tried mplayer but it says “Failed to initialize audio driver” whichever driver I use. Couldn’t find omxplayer and apt says there is no such package.

Hi, me too I would like to know how to install omxplayer in osmc. Could anyone help us?
My aim is to make an android app called raspicast to work. This app let to cast YouTube videos from android to raspberry. It works in raspian but not in osmc and I suppose it uses ssh to command omxplayer.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Yatse or Kore already let you cast YouTube videos from android to Kodi. omxplayer is pre-compiled within Kodi.

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If you really want to you can copy the omxplayer binaries and libs from a raspbian install.

Thank you ActionA, I’ve started to use kore thanks to your hint.
Mcobit, just for fun if I’ll find time I’ll try your advise and let you know if it works.
Do any of you know how can I cast a video to osmc from the web browser on android (i.e. chrome)?