Playing DVD files

Hi all,

I’ve read several threads on the Internet but haven’t found an answer. I have several DVDs I’ve ripped that I would like to watch on my Raspberry Pi. Is there a way to do that with the interactive DVD menu. Clicking on the .ISO file doesn’t do it. Do I have to convert the files to .mkv?


Just tried a decrypted DVD ISO on an OSMC Pi and it worked pefectly, menus, title selection etc all ok.

What file did you click on?

I went in to the file browser view via the Videos menu item, found the .ISO file and clicked on it. Simple as that. My catalogued library is all mkv.

So you have to put the .ISOs, VOBs, etc. in an .mkv container?

No, I was simply saying my library is mkv files. I just created an ISO in response to the first post and navigated to the file, and it worked perfectly.

Ah! If I put the folder on the Pi, select the folder and click Play it works properly. I was trying to play it from the cloud through my OneDrive addin on the Pi.