Playing Games on OSMC

Hi there, hoping someone can give me a bit of guidance as have been banging my head against a wall for the last couple of days…

I owned a Vero 4k from early on in their release and love it for media playback. I have an arcade cabinet based on RetroPie and love that for gaming so decided to buy a Pi4b to try and create a single device that’s easy to transport that fulfils both rolls. As I will be using it primarily as a media player I have stuck with OSMC as the OS so that it can be fully operated with an IR remote (something that can’t be done running RetroPie and installing Kodi). Now on to the problem…

I’ve never used OSMC/Kodi fro games before but thought it would be worth trying the inbuilt functionality before resorting to Retrosmcmk2. I enabled the libretro cores plugin and installed the controller add-ons. I have also paired a SN30 Pro bluetoth controller and have that working in OSMC. I then created a ‘Games’ folder under /home/osmc/ and subfolders for each of the emulators that I have roms for. The issue that I’m having is that when I add the Games directory as I source I can’t see any of the roms in any of the folders to be able to launch them. I’m sure there must be something simple I’ve missed but numerous Google searches have failed me and I am at my wits end now…

Grateful for any pointers guidance

There is an old thread about gaming on Leia, in that there is a lot of useful tips, range from advanced settings tweaks, and disabling some vfs.

I would link to it, but mobile at the moment.

Thanks, will try and locate it

I am currently trying to compile a list of emulators that works with Vero4k( wish I had a +)

Not sure how but it looks like I’m missing the Emulators, there is no Emulators Category under My Addons > Game add-ons just Controllers Profiles, Standalone Games & Support add-ons and they don’t appear under the Repo Game add-ons either…

Beginning to think I should just install Retrosmcmk2 but really liked the idea of it all being under Kodi

Found a solution if anyone else encounters, i’ve installed:

which creates a new repo with ability to search and install libretro emulators.


Ok hope that solution works As I type I’m compiling all the emulators the previously ran on Vero4k, but it a few releases old. I just updated and started a compile of my fork of osmc, which contains like 80-ish emulators. But it’s almost not tested, at all. Just working compile, i don’t have enough free time to test 80-ish emulators. At the same time, i think there is like 4 emus for NES.

Ps. Just to remove any possible disappointed. N64, didn’t compile last time I tried.