Playing HD-DVD External USB Player

Dear All,

All is in the Title

After managing and reading Blu-ray from usb external player,
The Next Challenge is reading my old HD-DVD’s from an usb External Player (Xbox360)

I am searching for anyu clue, track ? or something to find a way to read this.

I know, it’s an obsolete Media … but I am sure many other user would be happy to get their movie back from the Shelf…

And By the way … A complete and fully media player as OSMC ?

Many thanks for your help

You’re not giving us much info to work with.

What are you seeing when it doesn’t work? You should provide logs demonstrating the issue.

If you were looking for Kodi to add player support for HD-DVD then you would have to advocate for that over on the Kodi forum. I would have a hard time believing that a programer would want to invest any time adding support for a format that lasted such a short period of time and stopped being produced over a decade ago.

If you would like to just make legal personal backups of the content on the disks that are playable in Kodi then that should be a very doable thing.