Playing M2TS File from Bluray disc crashes OSMC

Hi, when I try to play an m2ts file from a bluray in my external usb drive, osmc crashes.

kodi log:
journalctl log:

thanks for helping, you did a bang-up job with osmc :slight_smile:

I didn’t see an attempt to plau the content in your log. For now please try moving the M2TS to a network share and playing it over that and provide a log (kodi.log) if that fails as well.


If I try to share my bluray drive, I always get an “invalid argument” error, when I try to access it in kodi. I tried several ways, even with a junction on another shared HD, but the error is the same. I guess I can’t share readonly drives?

Is there any use in copying (not ripping) the m2ts on a harddrive for testing? Will that mess in any way with the encryption?

I believe kodi doesn’t support playing encrypted BluRays.
You will need to rip the BluRay to a file using a tool that can remove the encryption.