Playing music videos


I’ve added a content for my “Music Videos” folder and selected the option for video clips.
I can see there’s a progress that scanning the directory.
but once it’s finished I don’t see how exactly am I suppose to play those video clips.
unlike Movies, Music % TV Shows that have their own section after adding a content there is no section for Video Clips or Clips.
I’ve also looked in the libraries of both Video section and Music section and those music videos are not there as well.

I can go to video -> files and browse to those music videos manually and play them like any other file in the drive… just wondering what was the point for setting the content for “clips” for that matter.

Dunno how to answer other than this. If you have further questions on this, you would probably find better answers at as the feature is solely dependent on Kodi and not specific to OSMC.

you’re absolutely right, I should check this in Kodi forum.

I’m using Confluence skin. When I go into Videos the first three items are Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos. Also on the home screen there is a Music Videos sub-menu under videos.

That said, I imagine it’ll be different for different skins.

Hi Katze,

I’m also using Confluence skin but I don’t have the “Music Videos” option under Videos, just Movies & TV Shows.

When adding a Music Videos source you’ve got to set the content type to Music Videos. I think maybe that’s why you’re not seeing it.

Hi swift

I’ve posted instructions on how i set up my music videos in the kodi forum. Theres no scraping of info needed. It simple to setup looks nice and well organised with images using the aeon mq skin.

Heres the link Kodi Music Videos Setup

Hi Katze,

I did set the content of the folder to “clips”.
still don’t see Music Videos / Clips sub-menu under videos.

There should be Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos. Not sure where you got clips from.

Let’s start at the beginning just in case.

Videos > Files > Add videos...

You’ll then get a screen where you tell kodi where your music videos are and push OK.

Then you’ll get another screen where you tell Kodi what kind of media it’s looking at. This is where you click in the little box under This directory contains from Movies to TV Shows and then land on Music Videos.

Hopefully that’ll get you on the right track.

Hi Katze,

I wasn’t able to scan the Music Videos correctly because of the file name format.
After changing the file names accordingly, everything works fine.

Artist - Song.ext

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Hi swift, I did the same changes to file names like “The Chainsmokers - Closer.mp4”, still Music Videos menu item doesn’t come up on home screen, with which add-on you are scanning your source folder?

I am only getting two options “Local Information only” and other which I have downloaded.