Playing video file not working since 20.3 update

Hi I have Vero V. Upgrading from 20.2 to 20.3 is causing an issue for me since Kodi dev team made a change how it handles video files with no info (see here: "Show video information" popup window instead of playing video file ! )

I have folder of demo clips that I don’t scan into my library. I just use video file browser and used to be able to just click on file and it plays. With change I suppose I have to press context menu and select play but it doesn’t seem to do anything most of the time. But sometimes it does play.

Playing my video that are scanned into library work fine.

I have included log of me trying to play video. Could someone please take a look and point me in right direction?

If you want to stick with that particular default select action then when you don’t want it to try to bring up the info window (like when your browsing files) then use the play button instead. Personally I think it would be better to set the default selection action to resume and when you want to bring up the info window then you just use the button on your remote made for that task, but to each their own.

As for sometimes items not playing from the video file view I don’t have much of an idea on that one. I changed the setting on mine and everything that should play there does including items not scanned into the library. Of course there are things that you can’t play by default there as Kodi has different file types set for playing in different sections of Kodi sometimes with different players. The best path forward on trying to figure that one out would probably be to figure out a pattern of what does and does not play to try to narrow down the scope a bit.

I have the same setup and nothing has changed for me in the current setup. A click on Enter either plays the video directly or in case where I stopped watching in the movie the dialog for Resume or start from beginning comes up.

Ok I read the forum entry you linked. So seems you have a slightly different way how you would start your movies. For me going via Videos - Files using the play button all is as before.