Please activate ssh as default


I am a huge fan of OSMC and I use it on my Raspberry Pi 2. I have recently had the problem that I wanted to install OSMC as Linux distribution in a Raspberry Pi and I did not have any screen available to make the configuration of the machine. I wanted to log in through ssh but it was not possible because ssh is not active by default and the only way to do it is through the App Store, which is not accesible without monitor. I think it should be activated because it is a quite usefull feature. I know that OSMC is mainly a Mediacenter distribution but it is also a Debian Linux distribution without graphical interface, which can be used for other things.

Could you add this to the next image of OSMC, please? (in Xbian is activated by default and is now the distribution I had to use for my purposes).

Thanks very much and keep up the good work!

Best regards!

This is simply not true.
SSH has always been active by default in OSMC and Raspbmc.


I really don’t understand why every now and then someone comes along and says why isn’t SSH enabled by default - well it is enabled by default, end of story.

Us OSMC devs use ssh constantly during testing and development, and are frequently doing fresh installs from scratch. I think we’d notice if it wasn’t running by default. :wink:

Yes it’s in the app store - but mainly as a means of uninstalling it, if you should want to for some reason. Once uninstalled it can be re-installed through the app store. The service can also be temporarily disabled or enabled through the services option in My OSMC.

Ok. I will test it again. Sorry if it is already active by default!

Double check your IP address, SSH is on by default