Please advise on HDMI cable

Dear friends,
I just changed my TV and bought an LG 55" E9 tv which purports to have

  • HDMI Input (HDCP 2.2)

  • 4 (1 rear, 3 side)

  • HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)

  • eARC (HDMI 2)


  • HDMI-CEC (Simplink)
  • Yes

do I need special HDMI cables to link them at the best quality to my Vero 4+ ?

The ones I have now are branded 2160p Hi-Speed, are they OK?

Thanks a lot

No. The nature of the signal transmitted over HDMI does not lend itself to be affected like an old analog connection may have. If the cable is not adequate you will see visible errors or a black screen. If you are not seeing flaws then you are getting the maximum picture quality and spending more on a cable will only serve to lighten your wallet. The only time it may become necessary to purchase more premium cables is when they are very long.


Very clear, thanks a lot.

totally agree with the above, but to add my 2 cents’ worth: neither price nor thickness nor fancy marketingspeak necessarily makes for a better cable.

i usually buy mine from a local distributor, at a fraction of the price charged by big box retailers, without all the glitzy packaging and hype.

the distributor’s house brand, available in poly bags, was tested and recommended by the engineers at a local tv station, in the good old days when tv stations had engineers… they had the actual results to prove that the hype was just hype.