Please help me downgrade, reinstall, and/or whatever

I’ve happily been running osmc since pretty much day 1 back when this whole pi thing became a thing… I’ve been happy pretty much throughout until I made the mistake earlier this week of running “a quick update” and completely ruining the setup that had been serving me nicely for many years.

Everything stopped working, pretty much. 99% of my plugins went byebye… Every setting I had is MIA (including even the screen resolution, which I had to re configure and re-calibrate…). My lirc remote doesn’t work, I tried to ressurect it, but I have yet to figure out what exactly is broken… EVERYTHING seems to have moved from / to /usr, I think, and there’s now duplicates of everything all over the show. It’s just a royal mess.

Added to that, every time I turn on the TV the pi has completely left the building in the intervening time and there’s no video output until I reboot it. Once it’s up again Kodi crashes at least once during boot and about every 20 minutes or so when I do try to watch something…

That is, if I can get it to talk to my NAS… where I’ve now resorted to just browsing to files using SMB in the file browser because my media source (NFS) no longer works and… well by extension nothing else in that space either.

I’m not interested in figuring out what’s wrong. I don’t care about the how’s and why’s, I just want my family to be able to use our entertainment system again. Which, sadly, osmc was the heart of. I want last week back. So, I’ll take the 10 minute guide to migrate/backup/whatever remains of my old settings, if they’re still to be found anywhere? … Install an older version, and forget this matrix thing ever happened. Oh, and a way to turn off all updates/update prompts forever if that’s possible.


Reimaging your system should be easy, recovering your previous setup less so. Have you got any backups of your previous system?

Nah, last night I realised this is a lost cause so I just went to LibreElec, seems to be more philosophically aligned to how I think about upgrade paths, and since I have to reconfigure everything anyway … I guess I’ll find out how that works out. Thanks for the reply anyway.

If that works well for you, then great.