Please Help me with this Remote


I have no solution and have been busy for several weeks on osmc Raspberry and Vero4K

I and many other Users use a Remote combi with
Remote = Olidata RC1974505/00 (looks like the white from lenovo/philips)
IR-Receiver = OVU710001/00 - Bus 001 Device 011: ID 0471:0613 Philips (or NXP) Infrared Transceiver (use Zotac too)

The Keycodes are similar as the Zotac Remote with the difference
These Buttons dont work:
0x8034045d KEY_MEDIA
0x8034049b KEY_PVR
0x8034042e KEY_ZOOM
0x80340454 KEY_DVD
0x8034042f KEY_SUBTITLE
0x8034046d KEY_RED
0x8034046e KEY_GREEN
0x8034046f KEY_YELLOW
0x80340470 KEY_BLUE

I can not add these Buttons in LibreELEC/CoreELEC and other Kodi Loaders because the IR-Receiver will be recognized as Keyboard. (devinput)

if you need further information i would like to help

ip-keytable created with an HP IR receiver

Olidata RC1974505/00

0x8034040c KEY_SLEEP
0x80340430 KEY_PAUSE
0x80340437 KEY_RECORD
0x80340431 KEY_STOP
0x80340429 KEY_REWIND
0x8034042c KEY_PLAY
0x80340421 KEY_PREVIOUS
0x80340420 KEY_NEXT
0x80340483 KEY_EXIT
0x8034045d KEY_MEDIA
0x803404cb KEY_INFO
0x80340458 KEY_UP
0x8034045a KEY_LEFT
0x8034045c KEY_OK
0x8034045b KEY_RIGHT
0x80340459 KEY_DOWN
0x80340410 KEY_VOLUMEUP
0x8034040d KEY_MUTE
0x8034041e KEY_CHANNELUP
0x8034049b KEY_PVR
0x8034043e KEY_EPG
0x8034042e KEY_ZOOM
0x80340454 KEY_DVD
0x80340401 KEY_NUMERIC_1
0x80340402 KEY_NUMERIC_2
0x80340403 KEY_NUMERIC_3
0x80340404 KEY_NUMERIC_4
0x80340405 KEY_NUMERIC_5
0x80340406 KEY_NUMERIC_6
0x80340407 KEY_NUMERIC_7
0x80340408 KEY_NUMERIC_8
0x80340409 KEY_NUMERIC_9
0x80340400 KEY_NUMERIC_0
0x8034043a KEY_DELETE
0x8034042f KEY_SUBTITLE
0x80340434 KEY_ENTER
0x8034046d KEY_RED
0x8034046e KEY_GREEN
0x8034046f KEY_YELLOW
0x80340470 KEY_BLUE

Use ir-record with the internal receiver if this is the one you wish to use

The Remote is a RC-6 Remote

I try to create a .conf with
ir-record but it failed and the Remote can not be correct initialized properly.

Can you send me the correct way

I use sudo irrecord -d /dev/lirc0 /etc/lirc/own_remote.conf

And the other Question is. What can I do on OSMC Raspberry

OSMC is a Debian-based operating system optimized to run Kodi. Question is, what do you want to do on OSMC?

What can I do on OSMC Raspberry = Sorry what I meant is, what can I do to use the remote control with this IR-Receiver OVU710001/00 on the Raspberry with the missing buttons

Stop Kodi first

I don’t know if this will help. It is my RC6 keymap file which I recorded on a Vero 4K+ with the integrated IR receiver. If you need additional keys let me know.

0x800f041e KEY_UP
0x800f0420 KEY_LEFT
0x800f0421 KEY_RIGHT
0x800f041f KEY_DOWN
0x800f0422 KEY_ENTER
0x800f0412 KEY_PAGEUP
0x800f0413 KEY_PAGEDOWN
0x800f0423 KEY_BACK
0x800f040f KEY_I
0x800f0426 KEY_O
0x800f0416 KEY_PLAY
0x800f0418 KEY_PLAY
0x800f0419 KEY_STOP
0x800f0415 KEY_REWIND
0x800f041a KEY_UP
0x800f041b KEY_DOWN
0x800f0401 KEY_1
0x800f0402 KEY_2
0x800f0403 KEY_3
0x800f0404 KEY_4
0x800f0405 KEY_5
0x800f0406 KEY_6
0x800f0407 KEY_7
0x800f0408 KEY_8
0x800f0409 KEY_9
0x800f0400 KEY_0
0x800f044d KEY_L

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
systemctl stop eventlircd
sudo irrecord -d /dev/lirc0 /etc/lirc/own_remote.conf

Press RETURN now to start recording.

Found const length: 106423

Please keep on pressing buttons like described above.

RC-6 remote control found.

No header found.

No repeat code found.

Signals are biphase encoded.

Signal length is 41

Checking for toggle bit mask.

Please press an arbitrary button repeatedly as fast as possible.

Make sure you keep pressing the SAME button and that you DON’T HOLD

the button down!.

If you can’t see any dots appear, then wait a bit between button presses.

Press RETURN to continue.

No toggle bit mask found.

But I know for sure that RC6 has a toggle bit!

osmc@Vero4K : ~ $