Please help with HDHomeRun PVR


I really need help

I recently bought a HDHomeRun Connect and use it with HDHomeRunPVR client. It’s been working fine for several days. Suddenly, the Live TV disappeared from the home screen and Settings->TV shows no channel. The SiliconDust’s addon is still working fine which mean the HDHomerun is still up and running. While trying to get the PVR client to work again, I made the stupid mistake of uninstall it without realizing it’s not an install-able addon.

  1. How do I re-install the HDHomeRun PVR client in OSMC?
  2. How to debug HDHomeRun PVR client? what to do? what to look for in the log?
  3. Does HDHomeRun PVR need something more than just the HDHomeRun device up and running? Does it need tvheadend server running somewhere?

Thank you