Please make mpv part of osmc (vero 4k+)

I’d relly love to see my favorite video player become a part of osmc sometime in the future.

Its open source and considered better than the default kodi player by pretty much everyone.

The video quality of the Vero 4K using Kodi is pretty much the best you can get already.

It appears to need X11, which would be problematic.
It also doesn’t support hardware acceleration for our device, so you wouldn’t be able to watch HD content.

There is already a Debian version available, so you could install it – but don’t expect good results.


Commenting on an old thread, but just wanted to say that I’ve been playing around with MPV on my HTPC this week, and wow, it’s at a point now where it competes with madVR as far as scaling and HDR tonemapping is concerned. Whatever the Vero+ replacement is, I’d love to see it use, or have the ability to use, MPV / libplacebo.

You will see an improvement in scaling with the new device and the tonemapping is more sophisticated than was possible with Vero4k/+. mpv/libplacebo has a completely different architecture for the video processing that the SoCs in your typical ARM STB can’t handle so support for mpv is unlikely to happen.