Please make the update notification clickable

Or alternatively, add a command (on the power menu, maybe?) to exit and apply updates.

When I turn the TV on and see the “Updates have been downloaded, exit now to apply? Yes/No” prompt, the answer is pretty much always “No”. I turned the TV on because I want to watch something now, so I don’t want to install updates now, it can do that after I’ve finished watching.

When I’ve finished watching, though, there’s no longer any option to exit and apply the updates. The logical thing would be to click on the “updates available” notification icon to do so, but it doesn’t appear selectable or clickable. Or I thought just Power/Reboot might do it, but apparently not.

The only thing to do is go several layers deep into My OSMC and trigger a manual check for updates. But even this is not quite right, because then I have to sit there and wait patiently while it does a new check, downloads again, and then eventually gives me back the Yes/No prompt I wanted.

I’m not that patient. I’ve finished watching, I just want to tell it to apply the update it notified me about before, and I’ll turn off the TV and let it do its thing so it’s ready for me next time I come to watch.

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I’m not sure if this is possible.