Please support with VOLUME

Dear friends,

I use OSMC with love and there is something VERY strange even after installing the OSMC many times.

When I see a video or hear music, if I try to use my keyboard to turn the volume down - Nothing happens and I cannot see anything on the screen.

When I press the volume up, I see on the screen the volume bar full.

I changed all the settings (pass trough) and other but without any success.

Just for the information - I am NOT using pass trough.

Thank you!


The default key mappings for master volume are + and -. (Mute is F8)

Are you saying this is not working on a fresh install ? (works for me…)

Didn’t work for me either when using my wireless keyboard, no volume down or mute, I had to load a custom keyboard.xml file

Thank you Mandrake and pscriven.

I didn’t worked for me on my keyboard with media controls.

I tried many Kodi installations.

pscriven - Can you tell me how you installed the custom keyboard.xml?

Thank you.

Try the file from Dilligaf in this thread, instructions included:

Thank you very much.

Now my unit is dead so I cannot try it…