Please update to Python 3.8

The Vero 4K+ (OSMC, Kodi 19.4) unfortunately still uses Python 3.7.
The cause of the error in App “Watchedstate NFO Updater” V.1.0.4 is the use of the attribute <xml_declaration> in the function <ElementTree.tostring()>.
Python 3.7. does not yet know this attribute here, only in Python 3.8.
Please update to Python 3.8.


We track the stable version of Python provided by Debian.


Add-on developers are expected to account for the fact that there are many possible versions of Python3 available on different platforms. On Windows (and I think MacOS) there is a version included with Kodi because Windows doesn’t have anything by default. I believe the Kodi team includes Python 3.9.x, but it might be 3.8.x. On Linux Kodi uses whatever Python3 is available on the system. That means anything from as early as 3.6.x all the way to 3.10.x. I know it’s a pain, but that’s the way it is.

I guess that’s a really long way of saying that you should let the add-on developer know about this issue, as it won’t just affect OSMC. If the developer absolutely has to have the xml_declaration, they could try importing ElementTree from the future module. I think that would give older versions of Python3 the same capacity then.

Here are two alternative solutions, not tested but could work.

  1. try temporary change distro in source.list to bookworm (might fark up your system royally)

  2. Compile python 3.x(desired version), I bet there are guides online how to update a Debian install to a newer python3. Debian is known to lag, since stability goes before features.

Thank you for the quick responses.
It’s a pity that Debian is lag!
The App-on developer has been informed.
The new App-on “Watchedstate NFO Updater” V.1.0.6 now also works with Pyton 3.7.