Plex addon for Kodi


A big reason I picked the Vero 4K+ was because it had powerful hardware and a bunch of people recommended it as a good way to get into the Plex space. I run PMS on my Synology NAS and Plex for Kodi as an addon works*…but it’s simply not in development any more.

So that’s where the * comes in, there’s a fork of the original Plex maintained addon by pannal and I think if OSMC were to include this out of the box or via the upcoming App Store, it would be just fantastic.

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Have you tried PlexKodiConnect?
So much better than the official Plex client.


Kodi add-ons don’t really belong in the App Store but you can install the add-on easily enough



I haven’t used it, but I’ve seen it in videos and read about it. I prefer the official Plex UI if I’m honest.

Trying to understand why it wouldn’t belong in the App Store. It’s a popular app and it would make things much easier for those of us who want to continue to use PMS and Plex as a native client.


Because it’s a Kodi add-on, not a separate binary install as the app store items are.

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I think you will find it is also not fully compatible with the Vero 4K , I found that anything 4k was being transcoded and would not play at all. I hacked around with it for quite some time and could not get anywhere.

It works ok for everything else and my kids use it because the interface is easy to navigate.


I second PlexKodiConnect.

I have two Plex servers so the app is useful if you need to switch between servers as PlexKodiConnect, even in beta does not allow two servers to be synced at once. One or the other.


All you have to do is Google PlexKodiConnect repo and download it. Install the repo on your device and then install PlexKodiConnect.

The purpose of OSMC running Kodi is not for Sam or any other developers to load up apps that may or may not work with the device in question due to the nature of whatever conflicts may arise and that is not what we use OSMC for. Repositories and addons are so simple to install and keep updated. You are welcome to PM me if you need a little extra help.


The app store is for applications that will help the functionality of OSMC.

Anyone here is free to create their own repository and app store with the know how. Too many third party apps and legalities with the use of Kodi are another reason. I would prefer that Kodi stays totally clean and fresh, if you want to load it up with garbage to stream whatever illegal torrent, etc. That is not something you are going to receive support from on this forum.