Plex addon for OSMC?

I recently switched from Raspbmc to OSMC on the Raspberry Pi I’ve had for about a week now. I was using the PleXBMC addon to stream video from my computer, and now that I’ve switched to OSMC, I can’t find that addon and can’t stream to the Pi. Is there another way for me to stream from the PC, or will there be a Plex addon soon?

There should be no “functional” difference between Kodi on Raspbmc or Kodi on OSMC (besides some system functions that are yet to be implemented). You should be able to install any addon that you used previously by the same methods you used on Raspbmc.

I have the plexmbc plugin installed. Works great.

I found the PleXMBC addon, and installed it, but now I get a “Script failed!” error

I downloaded latest from GitHub - hippojay/ PleXBMC for KODI
This now works perfectly for me on Alpha 4 build, however for true integration I had to change to Amber skin
GitHub - pecinko/skin.amber: Amber skin for MRMC

Would be great if one day OSMC skin allowed integration but I know this is quite a limited request as most other Kodi skins do not allow this level of integration. Now using a Pi2 my boot time has gone from 76s to under 30s including loading of my plex files on amber skin.

I’ve got OSMC RC1 with Plexbmc and Amber. Works fine, except the “TV Shows” menu item on the home screen doesn’t show up. I can get to (and play) the plex content by going through the video files menu. I went into the settings for the skin to verify that TV Shows should be showing, but it isn’t there. I have another Pi running RaspBMC with Amber, and “TV Shows” shows up as expected. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but I’m wondering if anybody else has seen this, and/or knows of a fix for it. Thanks.

I’m not that familiar with either OSMC nor Plex - what is the correct way to install PlexBMC on OSMC - RC3?

Aren’t there anyone with an idea for best practice installing plexbmc on osmc RC3

I used these directions for Kodi on ATV1 and for OSMC on Pi2. Both worked, but I’m running into trouble getting PleXBMC to communicate with my server, just as I did before. I can’t remember how I got it working in the previous installation, but I was a minority using the following instructions:

I am having an issue that sounds similar to yours, did you figure out how to fix it?

Got plexmbc installed on my RPi2 and I can see on my computer in the devices list that it is making the connection however I cannot seem to pull files through onto my RPi2. Not getting any errors either, they just aren’t showin. They are all H.264 so format shouldn’t be an issue. I can only assume it is some setting i’m not getting right.

Any help would be appreciated.


there has been a mayor update of all versions of PLEX,

I wonder which is the best option for installing on OSMC, ubuntu??
and if it is possible to run Plex server from a raspberry pi2

any light?

any advance on this subject?

I notices rasplex appeared

I think i found a solution here