Plex Addon Key Mapping

I am running the Plex Addon on OSMC on a Vero 4k+.

I understand why the recent update has had a change on my keyboard and remote controls. This is not an issue. But I do have some questions:

(1) While in the Plex Addon, is there a key mapping / key press that send a user to the top (home) of the Plex Addon? Not the home of KODI…

(2) While in the Plex Addon, how do you go up / back a level inside the Plex addon. This used to work with “esc”.

A more general questions - is there a key mapping command that while in a KODI Addon, I could bring up the virtual numpad or keyboard? Interested in this so I can use a simpker remote rather than a keyboard/remote.



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This is the kind of issue I was hoping people would find during testing.

That would be the back/return key. I don’t this this is different than how it was before the update.

This is an issue. I will make a proper fix but in the meantime you can add this keymap to fix this issue…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Kodi does not have a virtual keyboard that works like that. You will only get that to popup for text input and that is the only thing it does. If you want to search in the Plex add-on it does have that feature though. If you press the back/return key to bring up the top menu and press left, then OK, you will get a search window come up.

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@darwindesign - many thanks for your comments! I was not as clear as I should have been.

On my issue (2) - the previous behavior using ESC would go up a level in the menu in the PLEX addon. I “fixed” this (before I saw your reply) by using the keymapping editor and maped the ESC key to “PreviousMenu”. This results in the following in my userdat folder:

<keymap><global><keyboard><key id="61467">back</key></keyboard></global></keymap>

This works (like it used to for my two keyboard remotes) but not sure why it says “back” rather than “PreviousMenu”? But it works…

On my issue (1) - I am not sure this ever worked? It was more of a feature request. I have seen others request it as well. If you are down in the Plex addon several levels it would be handy to “pop up” to the top level of the Plex addon with a key. If this should not have changed - is there a keymapping that does this?

On my third questions - this is not specifically for the Plex Addon. Was just hoping there was some way to bring up a virtual keypad or numpad in ANY Kodi addon. Probably wishful thinking.

I am kind of surpirsed no one else is reporting issues with the escape key and the Plex addon? With the new behavior, the escape key (for me before the above change) would exit the Plex Addon and go to the KODI home. A pain but whatever. But then the Plex addon no longer works unless I reboot. That was why I posted to really avoid having to reboot after using the ESC key.

May just be me but I am surprised no one else has run into this? But escape now works like it used to…

You mention you will fix this - is this on OMSC or in a keymap file that will be released?

Sorry, trying to read both the OSMC blog and Kodi Kaymap information to understand the changes. I could always toggle the new changes OFF as the blog suggest as well.

I have to admit I would be interested in getting Long Press setup properly on my Harmony and OSMC remote but I like being able to use a numpad when needed. Thanks!

Back and PreviousMenu are not the same thing. With the old OSMC remote setup without a custom keymap the home button in that add-on would receive the “previousmenu” action and the return key would send “back” and the Plex add-on has different function for those actions. What you did with your keymap is make both keys send the same action. If Keymap Editor is doing something stupid you will have to manually edit the file.

If you are on the main home screen the back button goes to the top menu and then if you press it once your on the top menu it asks if you want to exit the add-on. If you are several levels down the back button will either go to the previous menu or pop up the top menu with the home icon selected so you can just hit OK to go back to the home screen of the add-on.

I understood your request. This does not exist in Kodi or OSMC.

So am I. I can reproduce it and I know why that is happening.

The fix will come in the normal update channel in the form of an updated custom keymap. You can add the keymap I posted above to fix it for now and it will not cause an issue or have to be removed later when the update comes.


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@darwindesign Thank you for your help and detailed explanation. And your patience! All are most appreciated! I will make your change…Thanks!

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