Plex app does not find Plex Media Server (which is on the same network)

Today I tried to watch a documentary using the Plex app on my Vero 4k. The app indicates it cannot find my Plex Media Server. When I try to manually select the Plex Media Server in the app it tells me it’s busy testing the connection to the Plex Server.

Last time I played something succesfully using Plex on the Vero 4K was one day ago.

Did something change recently?


  • Plex Server is up and running
  • Rebooted the machine running the Server.
  • Streaming from the Plex Server is possible using the Windows or Web client on my main PC
  • all devices (Vero 4k, Server, and PC) are on the same network, and same IP-range
  • on the Vero 4k I can play a movie using SMB shares (shares are on the same machine running the Plex Server)
  • on the Vero 4K I can play Southpark episodes, using the Southpark app, so I know it has a working connection to the outside world
  • the Vero 4k and the Plex Server are both up to date
  • the Vero 4k does show up as one of the Devices connected to my Plex account

Side note, possibly related: when I try the HEVC Video Club app it no longer shows any movies available to play.


It looks like there may be an issue with the Plex addon, as you are not first user to report issues today. As Dilthedog advises in the linked topic, your best bet is to ask the Plex addon developers of at the kodi forums.

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom,

Yes, I saw the topic you linked to before I posted.

I posted anyway as I thought my issue was different from tjparker’s. He seems to have an issue adding (linking) his Vero 4K as a Device to his Plex account whereas I have the problem of Plex not finding my local server.

As you recommended, I looked on the Kodi and Plex forums and apparently it’s both caused the same issue.

I wanted to let people know if you are using Plex Kodi Add-on, there was an update to the Requests add-on to version 2.18.4 that breaks the Plex Kodi add-on. Rolling back the Requests add-on to 2.12.4 fixes Plex, just so you are aware if you are seeing the issue this morning

How to fix it is mentioned on page 2 of the post I linked to.