Plex GDM service


I have a plex server on my nas and I’ve always appreciated the content management from plex, it beats xbmc hands down imo.

I habe mrmc installed on my apple tv and recently found their plex service integration:

I just enable GDM and xbmc finds all my plex content in movies & tv shows.

I would really appreciate if my vero 4k could support a similar feature.

I have almost given up on plex and xbmc, until I found this service.


If the Plex client is just a Deb package (I think it is), then you can install it
as such.

Others might know a bit more about this.

There’s also an official Plex add-on for Kodi, but it requires a Plex Pass.


since plex started from Kodi is only natrual to have it supported for plex

The only reason that particular kodi mods has plex integrated is due to the fact that it doesnt use python for addons it uses javascript if i recall correctly that dev rewrote kodi so i could get it on apple store.

but again neat idea but i doubt any dev will invest time since there is a client available for kodi.