Plex- or Jellyfin-like GUI for OSMC

Hi Sam,

I think, there is a very large group of Plex fans and many of them are sad because of the abandoned Plex for kodi add-on.

It would be a great opportunity for OSMC as well to get more enthusiastic users to the current community if there would be such (optional) out-of-the-box GUI available that would offer the similar user experience.

What do you think? Do you see any chance for such a functionality?

I would happily pay some money as well for such extra function in a form of subscription or one-time pass to have an up-to-date solution.


Our plan is still to deliver Kodi as a minimal system. I’m not sure this is something we would want to undertake.


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Someone on Reddit recommend the Embuary skin for a Plex like experience. I’m not a Plex and Jellyfin user, so I can’t comment on how close it is, but it might be worth a look.

The Plex for Kodi add-on in Kodi’s repo has been updated and works. Additionally there is a thread over on Plex’s forum where there is someone who is making additional updates and posting links to those. These add-ons don’t have the most current style or full feature sets of the apps they offer, but this is something that Plex has made a conscious decision about. It would probably be more productive adding your voice on their forum asking for them to bring it up to date as they are a private company making closed source software. They eventually listened to the desktop app people after letting that one go to the weeds didn’t they?

Thank you Sam for the fasz response.

Thank you! It does not support Kodi Matrix yet. But seems pretty good. Thanks for the hint, Iwas not aware of it.

I got your point. As far as I know there have been efforts to bring official support back to this add-on, without success. I still use it. Besides the occuring issues that prevent the addon to work with the latest updates, there is no optimisation so it gets ‘rustie’. At least this is how I feel.

Are you running version 0.3.5 or did you somehow get stuck with an old version?

Yes, I have the latest 0.3.5 version.

Jellyfin is still supported and you can look to Mezzmo as another option, which has both native Kodi integration and a browser based GUI for viewing your library in the same addon. It is fully supported. I author the addon, if there are any questions.


Hi Jeff,
Thank you very much. I am thinking on switching from Plex, but I think I will wait for the newer version of OSMC, because once it is available, I will have to reinstall my box.

Understood. One nice thing with the Mezzmo Kodi addon is that it supports Kodi 18-21 with seamless upgrades and you can run mixed versions of the Kodi clients all at the same time (I have Kodi 18 - 21 running in my test environment) and they all share and sync data. My goal with it is to minimize the time you spend managing your Kodi clients. Right now it is close to 0 touch.



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For the best Plex client in the latest Kodi, I think you have to go with this one. I’m very impressed with it and the active development made by its author.

PlexMod for Kodi (18, 19, 20, 21) - Desktop Players - Plex Forum

As I’ve read this thread, I’ve been somewhat confused about the official Plex for Kodi from the Kodi repo. For me it’s dead as a dodo using Kodi 20 on multiple platforms.

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Thank you. I have tried it, and feels slower to me than the official addon.