PlexKodiConnect and OSMC TV shows dissapear

Hi, I’m using PlexKodiConnect on two Vero4K boxes in my home. In the last days it completly removes 2 of my 4 libraries, specificely my TV Shows ones, I dont seem to have any problem with my server on any other devices.

I tried uploading log from My OSMC > Log Uploader but it just says https/

I however got the debug file for the Kodi installation of osmc and was wondering if someone could take a look at it? I don’t know whats wrong.

My build is OSMC running Kodi 18.3-RC1 and its compiled 2019-05-21. And it has been working flawlessly up until a few days ago.

Please upload logs via My OSMC and try with another Plex add-on such as the official add-on.


This is typically because your system has been running for some time and the logs are too large. If you reboot twice, clearing the current and previous Kodi logs, you should find success.

OK, so I installed the official Plex add-on, I didnt realize there was one.

But after configuring the first time, it now only has three dots thats loading, I have a pretty extensive library - does it need to load it? I hope not, as it exits before its finnished loading and Plex apps dont usually take loading time.

I now want help with the official Plex add-on

Thanks for your help @sam_nazarko and @ActionA ,
I now have a log

Update, this is with debug enabled for plex