PlexKodiConnect with OSMC

Is PKC the right choice for a situation when the OSMC device is running 24/7, but the device running the PlexMediaServer is not? I already disabled constant background sync but I am still seeing a huge amount of requests made from both my Veros. On the following graph you can see that I installed PKC on the first Vero at around 21:30 (orange bars) and on the second Vero at 23:30 (purple bars). From ca. 00:00 until 03:45 the PMS was running. After I shut it down, you can see the spike in requests. So in this half day the Veros send over 100k requests (second and third image). Is this how it’s supposed to be?



I know this might rather be a question to ask on another forum, but I guessed because most OSMC users run their device 24/7, people here have some tips.

You would stand a better chance at a solid answer elsewhere but I would think that if you weren’t running your Plex server all the time then a better choice may be to use the Official Plex add-on or Composite. AFAIK unlike PKC they are only going to try to access the server when you actually have them open.