Pointers Please : control external device from OSMC


I’m sure this has been asked before but I have not found while searching…

I would like to be able to switch my TV/Monitor to on/off/standby(backlight off) from my PI3 running OSMC .

I don’t mind how, GPIO or LIRC or whatever , I will work out the hardware . I just need to know how to configure OSMC/KODI to flag to the outside world that it has shutdown or running screen saver (dimmed) .

Ideally I would keep the PI alive (powered) and switch the monitor via GPIO

TIA Bill

I dont know how your monitor will ‘get’ those outputs from the pi ?!? but here is something to help you out:

Its a service that will execute scripts on events (like a python script to control GPIOs).
But from there you are on your own, cause i have no idea what kind of inputs your TV/monitor accepts.

If you are not familiar with GPIOs and python, i wrote this python script for the pi that controls a fan using gpios. It should get you started:

Thanks Sandbird :slight_smile: that sounds exactly what i want .

I dont know how your monitor will ‘get’ those outputs from the pi ?!?
The ‘monitor’ is an old 42" TV panel. I’ll have to make the hardware to control mains power , switch back-lights etc, that’s not a problem.


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Nice, so basically a regular channel relay will do the job then :slight_smile:
Just make sure you get one for 110-220v and not like the one i am using (for small voltages)…and of course be careful!