Poll: What torrent client would you like to see in OSMC?


I’m currently in the process of adding more applications to the App Store, and over this time I’ll be asking the community for input.

What torrent client would you like? I don’t use torrents, but I understand that many of you will be quite experienced with them and be eager to offer input. I know there are features like DHT as well which are important to some of you.

I am leaning towards Deluge, as it’s what we offered in Raspbmc before and didn’t seem to go down too badly. Here are some options:

  • qBitTorrent
  • Deluge
  • Transmission

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Looking forward to your comments


Would it be possible to add services like sabnzb and sick beard to the App Store also? I’ve got these up and running on the Vero by following a few tutorials but I think there’s some outdated info out there (for relative noobs like me) - meaning it’s likely I’ve configured stuff incorrectly.

Personally I’ve struggled to find information around how best to start stuff from boot - and how/if systemd (which I understand is what osmc uses) affects this. I think I’m using an old way editing init scripts but curious if this is correct.

I appreciate Linux / osmc there’s always going to be an element of getting hands dirty tinkering in terminal but I think the App Store will be a great way for new users to install stuff with the reassurance that they’re not going to break anything as a result.

Looking forward to seeing OSMC progress. So far I’m really impressed.


Already planned. Some are easier to add than others. I think SickBeard tries to update itself via Python and Git, so I’ll need to disable that functionality so updates are serviced only by OSMC.

That’s the plan: get rid of some of the nitty gritty and provide official ways of getting popular applications


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I voted for Transmission on the basis that it’s explicitly designed to be low on resources.

OSMC’s target devices all have limited “grunt,” and their primary purpose in most cases is to play video. As such, resource usage is important. The heavier the add-ons for a task, the fewer add-ons that can be run at once before video playback is affected.

I’d rather be able to run three or four resource-minimal add-ons than only one or two resource-heavier ones.

I’ve just finished getting Deluge + Flexget up and running. I’ve not seen any performance problems.

I’ve gotta say, this is the nicest setup for downloading torrents I’ve ever had. This is my first time using Deluge, but with Flexget handling RSS, I absolutely love it!

So glad you’re on top of this Sam - I was just about to ask if you’re planning such an “Addon” to make setting up Torrent client simple (hopefully!). Looking forward to whichever one is deemed “best” soon! :smiley:

FWIW I tried all 3, and qbittorrent-nox (v3.1.10 in the repos) seemed to be by far the least resource-hungry. I’ve been using it since Alpha 4 and it has been solid, though admittedly it’s missing some of the ‘modern’ features of the other two, but it gets the job done, and the webUI allows access to all major settings.

Luckily it’s very easy to install and use.

I have decided to ship Transmission for the App Store


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I think NZBGet is more lightweight and appropriate for these low memory devices. SickBeard is also old and most users have replaced it with SickRage or Sonarr.

Transmission has a couple of nasty bugs that make it a bit of a pain sometimes. This one springs to mind (open for six years!):


Deluge, IMO, is more resource-hungry. I’m currently investigating rtorrent but it doesn’t come with a web interface out of the box.

You should investigate qBittorrent, it has everything you need. :wink:

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I find that RPi 2 runs Deluge very well. I’ll never use another torrent client.

Please add Flexget. I can provide a generic config for it to support tv and movies and media management and subtitles without adding torrent sites or feeds. The user needs to add a secrets.yml file containing their user info + feeds.
In combination with Transmission, it will be a powerful solution, unmatched by TVRage or anything similar.

Added to the list.

I would like to to see Rtorrent on that list :slight_smile:

I would also LOVE to see a vpn server plugin in the appstore like L2tp or pptp

It would be nice if you could just install OpenVPN via the Appstore.
it would still be up to the user to add the .ovpn files to the openvpn folder and set it up. But that’s also the case with Transmission.

Perhaps an idea: add the ability in myOSMC to set some Transmission settings:

  • change at least the password, the username could perhaps by default be the device name.
  • set the default temp folder and download folder.
  • set a max number of active downloads
  • enable/disable the scan-to-kodi-library script after each download

And set these settings by default, no need to be in myOSMC:

  • open the webui of Transmission (ip-whitelist is true by default, needs to be false). It is still only accessible when connected to the local network so it cannot be a security issue.
  • enable the queue for downloading and seeding
  • add the .sh script to run after a download