Poor network performance

Hi all. OSMC virgin here. I’m having a few issues getting my Vero 4K to playback with any kind of stability due to poor network performance (cable and WiFi). I have a Win10 PC with my shared folders and running Plex server. None of my devices in my house (LG OLED TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Intel NUC Win 10 HTPC) have any issues with network performance. My NUC is wired LAN via powerline. Unfortunately the wiring in the house is crappy and old and despite me having 200mbps powerline adapters my throughput is typically around 7 Megabytes/second (50mbit h264 video runs fine without buffering on the PC). I can’t get anywhere near this with the Vero 4K. Video files that are typically around 30mbit are constantly buffering with the buffer emptying almost immediately again on playback. Lower bitrate files are fine. I have followed the guide for fstab mounted shares and this is up and running. It helped in so far as my 20-25 mbit videos now all run fine without buffering as they did at first. I had hoped Wifi would be better as I have very good Wifi signal all round the house (Sky Q boxes as repeaters) but the WiFi performance of the Vero is awful. I can’t even get 15mbit files to play without stalling and stuttering. My LG TV which the Vero is sat right next to can easily playback a 50Mbit 4K H265 file. I have no issues at all with any device playing files back in Plex (except for lack of HDR and HD audio support!)

Any advice help would be greatly received as I’ve struggled with this from tea time until about 2 in the morning.

I think WiFi is going to be your best bet.

Make sure you connect to a 5Ghz network.
Check connectivity in My OSMC -> Wireless.

For best performance, you should have a separate network for 2.4G and 5G.

Are you familiar with SSH? It would let us run a couple of other tests, such as a speedtest.

Also: chuck up your fstab here so we can check it looks OK


Hi Sam. Thanks for the quick reply.
Yeah separating my Sky router into separate 2.4 and 5Ghz networks did the trick. 4K HDR with TrueHD audio streaming effortlessly with buffer at 85% plus constantly. Great stuff cheers.


I have the same network performance over PLC adapter and i had to change the buffer size for extra cache