Pops in digital audio when you stop a movie (or other playback) on Vero 4K

I have noticed after playing music or movies; for example 5.1 material; when clicking stop - there comes a pop in the sound (audio sent over HDMI direct throughput). I have multiple other devices including an Apple Mac Mini running Windows10 and Kodi were this is not a problem; no problem on Apple TV 4K or multiple blu-ray players.

Audio processed by Marantz AV8802a.

Is your connection

  1. Vero → HDMI → Marantz → HDMI → TV
  2. Vero → HDMI → TV → HDMI or Optical → Marantz
  3. Vero → HDMI → TV / Vero → Optical → Marantz

When I use option 2 (optical) I sometimes get pop/scratch sound after a movie ends. With option 3 I don’t get that. My 20 year old Yamaha doesn’t have HDMI input :wink:

Do you have Passthrough enabled?

@grahamh – I think I have a fix for this in kernel. We can discuss it soon.

@tor.gunnar.berland – can you see if you can narrow it down to a specific format or specific switch between formats?

We want to release an update on Sunday, so we won’t be able to make any improvements before then; but we can start after this point.


It’s a difficult one to track down because different receivers/TVs are better/worse at hiding mode switches. I have a cunning plan, though.

Vero => HDMI => Marantz => HDMI => TV

I noticed this on DD+ 5.1; I can check on others as well.

Thanks. Can you confirm this is using passthrough and the receiver is getting DD+ (ie vero is not sending it PCM)?

Yes, we’ve never had pops on optical or analogue. AFAIK

I use passthrough always, since most movies these days are Atmos or DTS:X (which works flawlessly by the way). And surround processor receives DD+.

If I had received something other than DD+ on DD+ source; I would have reported this - not the popping :wink: I’m an audio geek; and pay really close attention to these things.

I have never heard pops on stop or start of audio stream on any other devices. Only Vero 4K

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It seems to be applying to most formats (even a small one on start of audio stream). On DTS:X; ATMOS, DTS-HD.MA 5.1; TrueHD 5.1 (I could not hear anything here (TrueHD 5.1) - could be luck?).

The pop is not really load; one upon start of stream. And on stop I get a small pop; then 1/2 second later a new pop. On Marantz after stop; it indicates no audio is received. So this seems to be connected to going from nothing to something; and other way around. Other devices operate this way as well without any pops (my Mac Mini Later 2014 runs Kodi 17.6 on Windows 10; so same version of Kodi as we have on Vero 4K).

I set “keep audio device alive” setting to Always. Problem gone; not sure what this is doing - according to Marantz AV8802a; no audio is received when not playing off anything.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly what keep device alive does but it seems to hang on to the previous audio settings as a new track/clip starts so you can get a hiccup 5-10secs into the track. I think I have solved the pop issue and hoping we can test it and get it into this month’s update anyway.

After installing April update; this seems to be fixed even without keep audio device alive setting turned on.


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