Port Forwarding DLNA server

I want to be able to view my DLNA server from anywhere. Is there a way I could do that? (I have MediaMonkey installed) (I also don’t know if I’m posting this in the right forums or not)

My suggestion is to look into establishing a VPN (e.g. openvpn), DLNA is not designed for the Internet “The Digital Living Network Alliance is THE technology alliance for connected devices and streaming media throughout the home.” (from http://www.dlna.org/) !

How do I do that?

Start searching this forum for “openvpn”. Basic steps are:

  1. Install openvpn server on OSMC
  2. Configure Server
  3. Create certificates
  4. transfer certifcates and configuration to your clients (install the openvpn client software)

To connect remotely you then also would need some kind of DynDNS