Position of video on screen

Hey using a new Vero 2 hooked up to my projector. Just playing my first movie and would love to align the video ‘letterbox’ to the bottom of the screen rather than vertically centered. Is there a way to do this?

Any update on this?


I missed this – can you explain what you mean exactly? There are some video calibration options in Kodi, but we recommend calibrating on the display if possible.


So I have a 21:9 video, but a 16:9 projector screen. Currently my Vero2 puts the video in the middle of the screen with a black bar above and below.

I want to move both black bars to the top, so the video is positioned at the bottom of the screen (for viewing comfort). This is possible in Windows based players such as MPC etc.

As an interim solution it is possible to ‘calibrate’ the screen so the picture is at the bottom, but as you would know, this warps the video somewhat.

Is it 1920x810? I haven’t got a VIC mode defined for this but I could probably add support for this to the kernel so you could select this kernel. Then you could pick a 21:9 compatible skin. Otherwise you can use the zoom mode. What you are asking though is probably a limitation of Kodi itself.


Well the projector is 1080p, so 1920x1080 is its native resolution, but the video file in question is 1920x800.

You’re suggesting running OSMC itself at 1920x800? Interesting

I’m not aware of any feature currently in Kodi to offset the video vertically, so at the moment this is probably not possible.