Possible to hide cursor icon in OSMC?

Hi there!

As this is my first post here, please excuse if this breaks any rules. :smile:

So, I was wondering if it is possible to somehow hide the cursor icon on RPi3 running OSMC?
Just got my setup with the official 7" touchscreen for Pi working and that icon is getting annoying since Im not using a mouse…
Id rather not remove the touchscreen function for obvious reasons, so please, guide me!

thx, Leevi :smiley:

First result in google: http://lektiondestages.blogspot.com/2016/06/hiding-mouse-cursor-in-kodi.html

EDIT: Might be overcreative. There should be an option to disable mouse in the settings.

Thanks for the quick response,

Ill look at that soon, thanks! :slight_smile:

As a turn of events, This is now the first result on google. o.O