Possible to Pi3 OSMC Wired and WiFi Access Point [for openload.co VPN]?

I’ve recently setup OSMC on my Pi3 with wired networking. At boot, the unit makes a successful VPN connection to my provider - all working well.

The problem which I am facing is not being able to authorise openload.co for certain streams, specific to the VPN’s IP address. I have attempted to access openload.co using Web Viewer to no avail (fails to load). Is there something else to use within Kodi to authorise openload?

Alternately, Is it possible to utilise the Pi3 as both a wired OSMC/kodi media center and a wifi hotspot? In this way, I can connect to the hotspot/gateway using my phone to successfully authorise streams from within the VPN tunnel/IP. I have previously setup a Pi3 as wifi access point using hostapd and dnsmasq under Raspbian to success.

Does the OSMC environment support something like this? I presume I can telnet into the device to install and configure packages.

Finally, another solution will be to setup a dedicated router with VPN installed (openvpn) and put the Pi3 (and my phone) onto this network. Trying to avoid this as I already have 2 routers at play.

Thank you for any direction and Cheers.